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SNMP Managed Fiber Optic Media Converter
SNMP managed fiber optic media conveter, full configuration consists of 1 SNMP card+ 16 function card + 2 power supply module (redundant). Supports our fast ethernet media converter series, making centrally located SNMP managed chassis solution. Currently SNMP managed fiber optic media conveter chassis can accept all type of fast ethernet 10/100 cards - such as dual fiber single mode, 20,40,60,80,100 and 120 km, Multimode and WDM single mode single fiber cards up to 80 km.

SNMP Managed Fiber Optic Media Converter
SNMP managed fiber optic media convetersupports following 4 different management types: vView management software, Web Manager, Telnet, and Console Port. WEB management is easy to use, and user friendly.  No need install special software, it is easy to install and use. Users can set the functions of the system or check & manage the media converters installed in the chassis.

SNMP Managed Fiber Optic Media Converter Features
Support our media converter series;
Can insert 16 media converter cards, 1 network management card, and 2 power supply cards.
Power supply option: AC220V, DC-48V. The positive and negative terminal can be exchanged for DC-48V,
Easy for installation and maintenance. Support power supply backup.
Use standard 19 inch rack, high 3U
Convenience for maintenance, all the LEDs in adaptor board is on the front panel.
Support network management, network management software can manage racks.
Bandwidth management for every media converter installed such as 2M, 4M, 8M etc.
wView manageable system supports full range of standards such as HTTP, SNMP, TFTP, TELNET …etc . The system has proper interface for each.

SNMP Managed Ethernet Media Converter enable user to monitor the working status of the converter and to inspect the connection type status as well as to configure system parameters. SNMP managed fiber optic media converters are used in the chassis, they are pluggable type into the media converter chassis, the converter types can be single mode or multimode, single fiber WDM fiber optic media converter or common dual fiber types, they are designed with redundancy power supply. This type converter is used with our Netriver softwares.

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