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Fiber Optic Products
Fiber Optic Products
Philippines Fiber Optic has invested two ISO9001 certified fiber optic products factories in China, they totally occupy nearly 9000 square meters, with over 300 experienced workers and 20 technical staffs. With the advanced test equipment and facility, All Philippines Fiber Optic fiber optic company products are 100% visually and optically tested and are fully traceable through our ISO9001:2000 certified quality system, and also meet the standards of industry organizations such as Telcordia-326-CORE, ANSI/TIA/EIA, ISO/IEC 11801 and IEEE.

Our knowledgeable sales, technical support and engineering staff are dedicated to understanding customers' requirements and designing fiber optic products & solutions to meet your needs. 

Fiber Optic Products

SC Fiber Optic Patch Cords Fiber Optic Patch Cords
We supply fiber optic patch cords , fiber optic patch cables, LC,SC/APC,ST, E2000/APC, MU, VF45, FC, MT-RJ, SC, MPO, Volition, MTP, FC/APC, ST/APC, LC/APC, E2000, DIN, D4, SMA, Escon, FDDI, RoHS compliant, LSZH, Riser, Plenum, OFNR, OFNP, simplex, duplex, single mode, 9/125, SM, multimode, MM, 50/125, 62.5/125.
Fiber Optic Pigtails Fiber Optic Pigtails
Fiber pigtail is a piece of fiber optic cable with only one fiber optic connector on one side of the cable, there are single mode and multimode fiber optic pigtails, which can be with various types of fiber optic terminations such as SC, FC, ST, LC, MU, MT-RJ, MTP, MPO, etc.
Fiber Optic Adapters Fiber Optic Adapters
Fiber Optic Adapters FC, SC, ST, LC, MT-RJ, MU, E2000, FC/APC, SC/APC, LC/APC, E2000/APC ,mating sleeves, hybrid fiber optic adapters,Single mode fiber optic adapters, multimode fiber optic adapters.
Fiber Optic Attenuators Fiber Optic Attenuators
Our fiber optic attenuators are manufactured according to industrial standards, and they are 100% strictly tested during the production. These fiber optic attenuators are prompt delivery and good prices.
Fiber Optic Connectors Fiber Optic Connectors
Fiber Optic Connector E2000, SC/APC, ST, LC, MU, MT-RJ, MPO, MTP, DIN, D4, SMA, Escon, SC, FC/APC, ST/APC, LC/APC, E2000/APC,FC, MTP/APC and MPO/APC etc.
Muti Fiber Cable Assemblies Muti Fiber Cable Assemblies
Sunrise Intl produce  MTP,MPO,LC,SC,FC,ST,MU,E2000,MTRJ,UPC,APC,Single mode, Multimode,1XN and NXN types multi fiber optic cable assemblies ,We are manufacturer of custom fiber optic cable assemblies,which combine the function and ability of several individual cables into one single and convenient to use cable.
Waterproof Fiber Optic Cables Waterproof Fiber Optic Cables
Waterproof fiber optic patch cables  are designed to fit for outdoor applications. The waterproof fiber optic cables are with strong PE jacket and armored structure, they can resist high temperature and suit to use in harsh environment.
Mode Conditioning Fiber Optic Patch Cords Mode Conditioning Fiber Optic Patch Cords
Mode conditioning cable are designed for Gigabit Ethernet multimode applications at 1300nm wavelength; the application standard is IEEE 802.3z. All mode conditioning fiber optic patch cords are made with duplex cable; with a single mode to multimode offset fiber connection part in one of the two legs.
Armored Fiber Optic Patch Cables Armored Fiber Optic Patch Cables
We produce armored fiber optic patch cable and armored fiber optic patch cord, single mode,multimode,SC,FC,ST,LC,MU,MTRJ,UPC,APC,simplex,duplex,9/125,50/125,62.5/125.
Fiber Optic Splitters Fiber Optic Splitters
We supply the fused fiber optic splitters and PLC fiber optic splitters, with SC, FC, LC, ST, UPC, APC etc connectrors.
Fiber Optic Video Transceivers Fiber Optic Video Transceivers
fiber-optic video transceivers,different channels,1,2,4,8,16,32,64, can simultaneously transmit different channels of 8-bit digitally encoded video / return or bidirectional data / unidirectional or bidirectional audio / Ethernet / Telephone / Dry contact over one multimode or single-mode optical fiber. These multiplexers are typically used in applications where the cameras have P/T/Z capabilities.
Fiber Optic media converters Fiber Optic Media Converters
Single fiber, dual fiber,managed,SFP,10/100base,Gigabit,10/100/1000Base,fiber optic media converters. The media converter transform the transmission media of Ethernet signal from CAT5 to optical fiber. it can extend the transmission distance to several kilometer or hundred kilometer.Using media converter is a economical solution to achieve long distance transmission base on current status.
sfp transceivers Cisco SFP Transceivers
We supply Cisco compatible SFP transceivers, including the GLC-T,GLC-SX-MM,GLC-LH-SM,GLC-ZX-SM,CWDM SFP,GLC-BX-D,GLC-BX-U.
GBIC Cisco GBIC Transceivers
Cisco GBIC compatible transceivers, WS-G5483,WS-G5484,WS-G5486,WS-G5487,CWDM-GBIC.
Fiber Optic Splice Closures Fiber Optic Splice Closures
Fiber optic splice closure is usually used with outdoor fiber optic cables; they provide space for the outdoor fiber optic cables to be spliced together. The fiber optic splice closures and the fiber trays inside will protect the spliced fiber and the joint parts of the outdoor fiber cables. Generally the fiber optic splice closures are dome type and horizontal types. Horizontal splice closures are more used.
Fiber Optic Termination Box Fiber Optic Termination Box
FTTH Fiber optic termination box generally refer to the box shape fiber optic management products used to protect and distribute the optical fiber links in FTTH Network. Usually the fiber optic box includes the fiber optical patch panels and fiber optic terminal box.
Fiber Optic ODF Fiber Optic ODF
We offer the fiber Fiber Optic ODF with 1U 12 ports type, 1U 24 ports, 2U 36ports, 3U 48 ports and 4U 72 ports and 5U 96 ports types. These Fiber Optic ODFs are made of cold-rolled steel sheets and it is with proper structure and neatly looking.
Fiber Optic Patch Panels Fiber Optic Patch Panels
Fiber Optic Patch Panels, 12 ports, 24 ports, 48 ports,, Rack Mounted Fiber Optic Patch Panel, SC, ST, FC, LC, E2000.

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